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How Millennials Are Traveling Better Than You

Dare I say it: It’s good to be a Millennial while traveling. Having grown up in the digital age, they’re free of the hang-ups that hindered past generations of travelers. They don’t think twice about booking a flight online or … Continue reading

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Digital disruption: Travelling Millennials are breaking the pricing rules

Agile start-ups, challenger brands and large brands that understand the need to transform are using new technologies to ensure they have the advantage. Consumers of the services and products of these industries are evolving to expect a digital entry point … Continue reading

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How to channel millennial spirit: do something that drives your soul

You may not be able to just drop everything and switch direction quite as easily as a millennial, but you can still find the time to use your marketing skills for the things that really matter to you, writes Will … Continue reading

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Will millennials force hotels to menu price their services?

There’s a lot of buzz around  “unbundling” – from cable packages to financial services – driven by the demands of the notoriously budget-conscious millennials. In fact, one-third of millennials say they would stand on an airplane for a discount. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Millennials choose to share, divvy costs

Flat screen TVs, bikes and mopeds are items that many college students may consider essential, but they may not fall in a typical college student’s price range. And businesses haven’t shied away from the challenge of finding a way for … Continue reading

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Is Your Hotel Ready for the Millennials?

Exclusive Feature: While the hospitality industry is clambering out of the recent economic downturn, a relevant question to ask your hotel or resort is, are we ready for the Millennials? Yes the Millennials and you may choose to add them … Continue reading

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