Google Glass – the Next Big Thing in the travel industry?

In 2012, Google announced plans to create what many considered to be the next and logical step for mobile devices – interactive glasses known as, err, Glass.

This week, Google unveiled a new video inviting the curious to experience “how it feels” to wear Glass.

Now, the fundamental questions are: Will people REALLY wear this gadget? What will be the adoption rate to make it a success?

Glass is entirely different from most other tech gadgets created so far (aimed at consumers), simply because it sits ON the face – users have to WEAR it to experience it and use the services.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Who knew people would use fingers to operate a mobile phone instead of traditional stylus? But, it happened through iPhone.
  • Who knew people would happily put a tiny device in their the ear to communicate, despite looking like Secret Service agents? But, it happened through hands-free Bluetooth.
  • Who knew people would use a ten inch-sized gadget to take photographs when digital cameras were simultaneously shrinking in size? But, it happened through the iPad/Android tablets.

People adapt, technology evolves.

Google is not alone, of course. Electronic and software giants Apple and Microsoft are also reportedly working on head-mounted display (HMD) and glass devices respectively (Apple’s patents related to HMD:  One, Two, Three. Microsoft’s patent – Here). Read more.

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Technology is making greater and greater inroads into our lives. Right from when we wake up in the morning to when we head to sleep – we cannot imagine a life without the gadgets and gizmos that make life easy and interesting. When we travel and stay in hotels, our expectations are no different. We expect all the technological amenities we easily access at home if not more. The hospitality industry in increasingly accessing technology to wow guests, optimize their use of manpower, control hotel functions in an integrated manner and on the whole reduce costs while increasing efficiency. This blog is meant to track these technological changes happening in the hospitality sector. The growing move towards sophisticated hotel ERP, the growing use of cloud computing, the rapidly changing customer facing devices – smart phones and iPads, the increasing security concerns and more. Expect to find interesting articles, whitepapers, thoughts, and observations. Feel free to comment and even mail us content that you don’t mind posted here. Happy reading!
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