Increase Your Revenue with Food and Beverage Costing Software

Many hoteliers will agree that the way to your guest’s heart is through their stomach. While most hotels have fabulous rooms, in-room facilities and rooms with a view, another big draw that keeps loyal and new guests coming back for more is the yummy food ladled out by your chef. But the cost of food is ever increasing and wastage in your kitchen and leakage in your bar can scorch your profit margins unless you adopt a methodology to keep them in check.

IDS NEXT offers a well tested and extensive food and beverage costing software that gives your restaurant and hotel accurate information and empowers you to grow.

Advantages of a Good Food and Beverage Costing Software

There are numerous benefits to adopting a food and beverage costing software, some of these are,

  • Ability to create and record your specialities and secret recipes. Ensure you prepare them exactly the same way again and again, and establish your benchmark for quality
  • Accessing a software gives you kitchen an opportunity o be organized and process driven and avoid wastage of perishables
  • Prevent out of stock or over stock and better control inventory
  • Easy to configure and customize, you can now automate numerous processes in your restaurant
  • Data accumulated over time allows for better business decision making

IDS NEXT Food and Beverage Costing Software for better decision making

IDS NEXT’s software gives F&B managers a firm understanding and mastery over cost control in order to run a successful and profitable restaurant. Be it a standalone property or chain, ourFood and Beverage Costing Software offers hotels and restaurants in-depth visibility into their expenditure on food, and drinks, outstanding amounts and offers both consumption and recipe based costing methodology. View your kitchen stock entry real time and get analysis, access inter cost and inter kitchen transfers, check out recipe and sub recipe definition and more.

Drill down to details with sales and cost budgets, profitability analysis, cost report consumption, cost report recipe and missing recipe.

Features of IDS NEXT’s Food and Beverage Costing Software

  • Automate consumption and sales posting
  • Issue based and recipe based costing methodologies and reports
  • Detailed recipe master with recipe ingredients, sub recipes, preparation and presentation methods
  • Profitability analysis with drill down till KOT level

With our robust, detail software you can now curb, if not eliminate revenue leakage, get reports that provide much required business intelligence and take accurate business decisions faster. Highly customizable, our software has been adopted by hotels and restaurants across market segments and in 40 geographies.

To know more about IDS NEXTs Food and Beverage Costing Software and request for a demo, email


IDS Softwares Pvt. Ltd. “IDS NEXT”, is a global leader in providing ERP and total technology solutions for the Hospitality and Leisure industries. With a track record that spans over 25 years, we have earned the trust of over 3000 customers globally with a strong presence in 40 countries across South Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. IDS NEXT’s clients include a host of prominent hotel chains including Sarovar Hotels & Resorts, ITC Fortune Group, Royal Orchid Hotels, Pride Hotels, Ramada Hotels and others.

IDS NEXT’s portfolio of  capabilities include Strategic Consulting, Business Outcome Services, Custom Design and Development, Total Technology Solutions and a range of next generation software products that  addresses the hospitality industry, such as independent hotels, chain hotels, business hotels, resorts, clubs, service apartments, limited service, spas, cruise liners and restaurants.

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    Hey, I am working in a hotel industry and I like ur writing and the pictures used in all ur blogs.

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