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Increase Your Revenue with Food and Beverage Costing Software

Many hoteliers will agree that the way to your guest’s heart is through their stomach. While most hotels have fabulous rooms, in-room facilities and rooms with a view, another big draw that keeps loyal and new guests coming back for … Continue reading

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Can Your Hotel Benefit from Cloud based Solutions?

Every industry is benefiting from the cloud. In an economic scenario where growth is slow and a hotel should keep investments low, the cloud is just the technology a hotel can adopt. Cloud based property management solutions and applications like … Continue reading

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Pinterest – The Newest Social Media Platform to Market Your Hotel

Constantly changing, the social media landscape has something new to offer for marketing. Recently, we have witnessed a flood of social media platforms, which has changed the way hotels, restaurants, clubs, lounge bars and other hospitality properties market themselves. With … Continue reading

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Discover the Benefits of ‘No Cost – Low Cost’ Advertising for Your Hotel

Is your ever growing advertising budget not bringing in the planned return on investment?  Is your hotel still heavily relying on traditional advertising? Are you leveraging the tremendous advantages of social media marketing? If not you could well be missing … Continue reading

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Six Questions Hoteliers Should Ask to Evaluate Sustainable Technologies

As a global hospitality consultancy, HVS is oftentimes asked to comment on emerging technologies that are potentially applicable to hotel and resort operations – both from the perspective of hoteliers who want to learn further about opportunities for the modernization … Continue reading

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Does Your Property Management System Need An Upgrade

For those managements that thought, installing a property management system (PMS) or Hotel ERP was the solution to all their technology needs, think again. Yes, your property management system has a reasonable life, say five to seven years, after which, … Continue reading

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Simplify Your Hotel Operations

  Today hotels are looking for solutions that can help them simplify operations and reduce the burden on manpower. After all human-resource is a major issue in the hospitality industry and hoteliers keep looking for ways to optimize operations and … Continue reading

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