Make life easy with Smart Hotel ERP

A hotel ERP is an important tool for the hospitality industry as it helps utilize the benefits of technology and makes hotel operations easy and efficient. However, most managers are often confused by issues like how does one choose a good hotel management software and what are the qualities they should to look for before choosing an ERP application.

To begin with, a hospitality or hotel ERP is a rather new concept. Even now most hotels use a property management system or PMS which basically consists of front office, accounts receivables, telephone management and point of sale. A Hotel ERP on the other hand is a far more comprehensive application like material management, inventory, finance, banquets and more.

Identifying ones requirements

The biggest challenge for any hotel manager before for choosing a hotel ERP is to determine his requirements and weight it against costs. These are long term investments that need to be made with though as the solution will be used by the hotel for as much as 10 – 12 years or more. In contrast, the wrong choice of software can force you to replace it in matter of year or less. To avoid such a situation managers need to clearly understand their operational needs before even investing in an ERP.

Here is where a good hotel ERP can help a hotel property

  • Managing Guest History

Imagine a day were your Front office manager gets an extra 4 hours for your Guest?Imagine if your guest leaves your hotel with a smile and a wish and a will to visit your hotel again? Keeping a track of guests can be a tedious job but a hospitality ERP with a Guest Management Tool can helps you keep track of historical data of your guest. It also helps a hotel capture individual guest preferences which increasing guest satisfaction. The inbuilt guest history feature in a hotel ERP ensures complete insight in to your guest’s needs, enabling you to proactively offer the services requested – a sure way to create satisfied guests. And we all know that happy guests are the ones who come back!

  • Increased Staff Productivity

A good hospitality software hastens the reservation process, like enabling it on a single screen, enabling the user to check hotel position and room availability at a glance.

A good software also aids at the front office as it enables faster check-in and check-out and halves the check-in time by 50%. With just a few clicks of a button the front desk can quickly access info on the guest’s room rate, special offers availed, whether the bill has to be given to the guest or forwarded to a company and so on.

  • Night AuditThe most robust hotel audit mechanism including a night audit feature that requires no shutdown. No guest will have to wait till your system restarts if you have a check-in or check-out at the time of night audit. Happier guests – guaranteed!

  • Menu engineering

A good ERP offers Food & Beverage costing which allows a hotel to maintain issue based and recipe based costing which increases control on production areas. Should you have the opportunity to review this module in an ERP ensure that it has user friendly interfaces, while ensuring easy maintenance, faster updates and greater security!

If you are looking for a hotel ERP Solution for your hotel visit IDS NEXT. With 25 years of experience, 3000 customers across 40 countries, and a large bouquet of software applications, they are probably the best ERP providers.The company offers 24/7 support to all its customers, and in case of technical urgency are just a call away. IDS NEXT is one of the few hospitably technology providers in India, with an extensive ERP offering for hotels of every market segment.

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Technology is making greater and greater inroads into our lives. Right from when we wake up in the morning to when we head to sleep – we cannot imagine a life without the gadgets and gizmos that make life easy and interesting. When we travel and stay in hotels, our expectations are no different. We expect all the technological amenities we easily access at home if not more. The hospitality industry in increasingly accessing technology to wow guests, optimize their use of manpower, control hotel functions in an integrated manner and on the whole reduce costs while increasing efficiency. This blog is meant to track these technological changes happening in the hospitality sector. The growing move towards sophisticated hotel ERP, the growing use of cloud computing, the rapidly changing customer facing devices – smart phones and iPads, the increasing security concerns and more. Expect to find interesting articles, whitepapers, thoughts, and observations. Feel free to comment and even mail us content that you don’t mind posted here. Happy reading!
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  1. june says:

    great info and reasons why they can make operations much easier.

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