Budget Hotels in Goa Leverage Hospitality Technology

The tourism industry in India witnessed an 8.9% growth in the number of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs), a figure that surpassed UNWTO’s expectations for the year 2011. The State of Goa alone witnessed a 12% increase in FTAs and it expects this positive trend to continue through the tourist season of 2011-2012. With statistics indicating 1.71 lakh FTAs alone in 2010-2011, the State continues to be one of the top ranked tourist destinations in the country.

Catering to the ever growing number of both Indian and foreign tourists visiting Goa, hotels across segments from luxury to budget, are turning to hospitality software to better manage their properties and serve guests faster.

The highly popular tourist destination is teeming with holiday homes, small budget hotels, lodges and other cost effective stay options for those on a shoe string budget. Most of these hotels attempt to keep overhead costs low and leverage technology to respond to guests in an efficient manner.

“While there are many software options in the market”, says IDS NEXT channel Partner, Mr Paul Fernandes, Equinox India Enterprises, “IDS NEXT has a 25 year presence in the market. Hotels across market segments, from resorts to large hotels and chains in the State deploy IDS NEXT software and therefore smaller hotels feel more confident choosing PAX Xotels.”

For those not in the know, PAX Xotels is a software recently launched by the hospitality technology giant and has been cost effectively tailored for the specific needs of small and budget hotels.

What makes for a good Hotel Management Software

An integrated hospitality software is key for smooth hotel operations and customer satisfaction. While choosing a hotel management software it is important to ensure that all major operations, be it in the form of reservations, front office, sales or accounts, should effectively communicate with each other. The interfaces of each of the modules should be user-friendly and intuitive. Before adopting a software, one must also look out for two key criteria – customizability and scalability. A good hotel software should also be quickly installable so that the hotel can begin reaping returns on investment quickly.

Making the most of Hotel Management Software

PAX Xotels by IDS NEXT is a software designed for the niche needs of small and budget hotels. The modules help to automate:

The features and modules of PAX Xotels are designed to help automate processes, reduce manpower requirement and save costs. Simple features such as the transfer of guest data to corresponding rooms when a room change is requested prevents staff from doing manual data entry, season rates allows hotels to switch rates and guest history allows hotel staff to deliver personalized service to repeat guests.

The software has also been designed to be self-installed and deployed within a short time. In addition to automating business processes, the software provides hoteliers with a fantastic cache of business intelligence reports on anything ranging from reservations to KOTs, thereby helping management as well.

 “We have got a fantastic response to PAX Xotels in Goa” said Paul Fernandes, “The user-friendly interfaces of the system also help hoteliers to avoid operational delays involved with training and familiarizing staff with the product and its functionality.”

With an increasing number of players in the hospitality industry, the small and budget hotel segment in Goa is evolving quickly. Says Pradeepa Shetty, VP – Channel Sales at IDS NEXT, “Goa is a very sensitive and cost conscious tourism market where hoteliers demand the best. The initial response to the launch has been encouraging, and we now have a PAX customer base that not only includes budget hotels but also serviced apartments and resorts.”

Goa is not a new market for IDS NEXT. With installations in over 250 properties, some of which include Holiday Inn Resorts, The Park, Kenilworth Beach Resort and Spa – this creates a sense of familiarity and ease-of-use for people working within the hospitality industry.

To learn more about IDS NEXT visit http://www.idsnext.com

Note: Budget Hotels in Goa Leverage Hospitality Technology, published in HotelScape, March 2012 edition: http://www.crosssectionmedia.com/go-now.asp


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