K. Raheja Hospitality Group Leverages IDS FortuneNEXT Enterprise

Adopts Integrated Solutions for Rapid yet In-depth Reporting

Retreat Executive Delux

Customer Brief

K. Raheja Hospitality Group pioneers in setting up world class hotels and convention centers across India.  Currently managing three properties, The Carlton, Mumbai, Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Mumbai and The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, Mumbai, and the proud owner of Courtyard, managed by Marriott Chennai.

Business Challenge

K. Raheja Hospitality Group needed robust software that catered to their niche needs and generated specific action oriented reports. They thus evaluated several software solutions that could cater to the technological requirements of their hotels. Most of the solutions reviewed were a patchwork of several different softwares and lacked smooth interfacing with each other.

Another unique challenge faced by the hospitality group was with communication within the hotel and its existing reporting structure. With most key decisions being made at their headoffice in Mumbai, it was essential to consolidate reports from all hotels at that central location. This however, was time-consuming and required a dedicated resource compiling reports from multiple formats.

“While the transition to get all the hotels working on FortuneNEXT Enterprise was tough, the team at IDS together with our hotel team worked extensively towards the goal of successful implementation. We now have a single point of contact for all our modules and are no longer hassled with having to deal with multiple vendors .”– Utpal Talaty, DGM – IT,    K. Raheja Hospitality Group 

Carlton - Shikara


Having found an integrated solution with IDS Fortune Enterprise, K. Raheja Hospitality Group deployed it across their hotel properties. The ERP solution helped streamline the property business processes across departments and ensure zero application down-time. With integrated modules for each department, the ERP solution provided the Hotel Group with centralized data that enabled efficient management and ensured an overall improvement in productivity. Automation of several existing processes helped the hotel to free staff from basic operational tasks thereby allowing them to focus on providing enhanced customer service.

Key IDS Fortune Enterprise modules deployed across K. Raheja Hospitality Group

  • Front Office Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Banquets
  • Telephone Management
  • Materials Management
  • Food and Beverages Costing
  • Financial Management
  • HR and Payroll
  • Maintenance Management
  • Quality Management
  • SMS Alerts

PalmGrove - Terrace Party

Business Impact

FortuneEnterprisewas deployed across the hotels managed by K. Raheja Hospitality Group along with the Fortune Care Quality Management System and Fortune iAlert SMS Alert Engine that translated into the following benefits for the hotels:

  • Efficient management of guest enquiries

Fortune CARE helped the hotels set up a single number for guest enquiries or complaints that automatically loged and allocated calls. This helped K. Raheja Hospitality Group minimize its

response time by 20-30% through the implementation of a streamlined process which helped to further enhance guest satisfaction. The Quality Management software solution also contributed to a reasonable increase in bookings with an improvement in Front Office Management.

  • Faster business decision making process

FortuneNEXT enterprise enabled the hotels to automate and customize business reports thereby ensuring that the management had access to information required for business decisions. With a uniform reporting structure, consolidation of reports from various hotels was made easier and reduced the time taken to compile reports by 3 hours. Centrailzed data integration also helped with sales reports that could be generated hassle-free and on demand.

  • Information on the Go

Given the geographical expanse of some hotels in the group, Fortune iAlert helped establish an internal SMS alert system which helped hotel staff resolve room service requests faster. An automated process also sends SMS alerts to housekeeping staff and any complaints logged are immediately taken care of.

  • Cross departmental updates

FortuneNEXT Enterprise also helps the hotels to maintain updated cash flow statements with a streamlined billing process that interfaces with internet billing as well. Managers can also customize billing formats as per their requirement.

“Some of the immediate benefits that the hotel managers witnessed were the optimization of resources and the decrease in time required to generate reports. Through an automation process our reports were also error free due to the minimal manual intervention required.”  –  Utpal Talaty, DGM – IT,  K. Raheja Hospitality Group

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To read about IDS NEXT solutions visit http://www.idsnext.com

Request for a free demo email: easy@idsfortune.com

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