Hospitality Technology Solutions for Luxury Hotels in Middle East

IDS Next Image SmallMiddle East hotel industry is set to witness another round of growth in the next few years. Major international events like Expo 2020 and 2022 FIFA World Cup are slated to attract increase tourist.

Prominent cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah and Muscat are leading the race in terms of attracting international luxury hotel brands setting up their properties. Market statistics say that Middle East region has an oversupply of luxury hotels with around 54, 000 rooms under construction. There are also nearly 720,000 high-end hotel rooms in the pipeline over next couple of years. Read More

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By: Brijesh Surendran

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What Every Hotel Owner (& Operator) Needs to Know About “Data Security” After Wyndham Worldwide Case

On August 24, 2015, the Third Circuit United States Court of Appeals issued its ruling in the case FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corporation. The case was highly anticipated by the data security community generally for its expected ruling on the authority of the Federal Trade Commission to regulate data security standards, but nowhere was the anticipation more keen than in the hospitality industry. After all, this decision didn’t deal with retailers, banks or dating sites – it addressed a major hotel player and, by implication, all operators, brands and owners in the industry.

We know that cyber crime is big. In 2014, there were 42.8 million detected security incidents (and, most likely, many more that were never discovered). Estimates of annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy ranges from $375 billion to as much as $575 billion as companies face increased vulnerability, ranging from greater technology available to cyber criminals and new types of cyber crime, like crypto-ransom. Read More

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By: Jim Butler

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Digital disruption: Travelling Millennials are breaking the pricing rules

Agile start-ups, challenger brands and large brands that understand the need to transform are using new technologies to ensure they have the advantage. Consumers of the services and products of these industries are evolving to expect a digital entry point to their purchase.

Millennials – the digital natives – have rocked everything we know to be true and companies competing for their mindshare need to remove any assumptions they had about the way they shop, interact and do business. Millennials also have influence over older generations and are redrawing the norms from food to travel. Read More

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Are Luxury Hotels in India Harnessing Right Hospitality Technology?

IDS Next Blog Image SmallThe luxury hotel segment in India is growing at a steady pace. The country is attracting an increasing number of foreign tourists as the government has introduced e-visa for 113 countries. The country has a large millennial population too, who are enjoying new found adventure in travel and sightseeing.

Here is peek into some numbers

India had received over 7 million foreign tourists by August 2015. According to the World Tourism Organization, the country will welcome over 15.3 million foreign tourists by 2025. Now let us take a look at the accommodation sector, or the hotel industry. Do they have enough high-end rooms to offer the growing number of foreign nationals? The answer is ‘Yes’ and here’s why – Around 29,000 luxury hotel rooms are under development and they will be added to the existing nation-wide inventory over the next 6 years. Metro and tier 1 cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Gurgaon will grow to 6,500 hotel rooms by 2016. Read More

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By: Myra Allen


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IDS Next Makes Impressive Growth Strides in 2015

IDS-Next-Makes-Impressive-Growth-Strides-in-2015-smallFor any company in the hospitality industry, each year brings new challenges and opportunities. The hospitality industry is currently bristling with innovation, and offers wonderfully interesting learning and insights to growing companies. These insights enable hotels to continuously set benchmarks of enhanced guest service. At IDS Next, we also go through the same process of improvement and enhancement.

In August, we celebrate our foundation anniversary and this year has been one of many achievements in terms of rolling out new products and initiatives. Here are some of the key highlights –

Acquired over 4000 customers

In FY 2014-15, we crossed the 4000 client’s milestone. We acquired new customers in all the geographies we are present in, namely South East Asia, Oceania, Indian sub-continent, Middle East and Africa. Armed with our world-class Hotel ERP and a seamlessly integrated Hotel 360 solution set, we look forward to aggressive expansion in the coming year. Read More

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By: Lilian D’Costa

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Does Your Hotel PMS Vendor Provide Quality Training & Support?

IDS Next Image TSCBuying a Hotel PMS is not an easy task, especially when the market is inundated with options. As an hotelier, you need to buy hotel software that best suits your need. Apart from reviewing the robustness of the hotel software and its in-built modules, you also need to ensure that you get ample training and quality technical support from your software provider.
Questions to ask your Hotel property management system vendor
While buying a Hotel property management system (PMS), you not only purchase software, but put your money on something that would help grow your hospitality business. Thus, it is necessary to ask these questions to your Hotel Software provider –
  • Will you provide training to our hotel staff as per requirement?
  • How fast is your customer support / technical assistance?
According to a recent survey, over one-third of Hotel software buyers say that they would select a vendor if they get quality product training and post-installation technical support. Read More
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By: Dinker Elayadath


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How to channel millennial spirit: do something that drives your soul

You may not be able to just drop everything and switch direction quite as easily as a millennial, but you can still find the time to use your marketing skills for the things that really matter to you, writes Will Harris.

About one million years ago, as the Earth’s surface was cooling, I embarked on the mandatory post-university foreign trip. For me, it was three months travelling round the US on the ancient and underfunded Amtrak train system, accompanied by my brother Ed. We slept on trains, in stations, in hostels and with friends of friends of relatives … anywhere we could. Read More

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By: Will Harris

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