Do You Have The Right Property Management Software For Your Hotel?

Property-Management-Software-ids-nextTo satisfy your guests who are looking for high quality service, comfort and facilities, your hotel needs agile and smart property management software. A property management software automates and simplifies hotel operations, increases transparency in various functions, optimizes use of manpower and grows revenue. A comprehensive hotel management system integrates the front office and back of the office operations.
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You Have A LinkedIn Account Now Leverage it Professionally!

Do you have a LinkedIn profile.

If you do not have one yet, this could be a great time for you to create one. If you have a LinkedIn profile, leverage it to grow your online profile and expand your professional horizons.

IDS Next_Hotel_Software_linkedin-bannerLinkedIn offers its users, including hospitality professionals an excellent opportunity to connect with current and former colleagues, and connect with thought leaders, peers and others who may share not just your skills, but interests as well.

You can also follow companies whoes work you are interested in or admire. LinkedIn offers a fantastic opportunity to additionally join groups, share you thoughts at them and of course grow professionally as a result.

At the very core, LinkedIn endeavours to make you visible online. Besides generating your own content for this social media channel, you can also share articles and videos posted by others, and update your thoughts on the ‘status update‘.

You can Use Your LinkedIn Account to

  • Highlight your professional strengths and uniqueness
  • Begin online networking by making the right connections
  • Attract profile visitors by posting articles and status updates

But before you get into the swing of things, here are a few points to streamline your LinkedIn account

  • Profile Image - Use a professional image, preferably just of your face. LinkedIn is not Facebook so funny, quirky pictures are a big no no
  • Headline
    • Found directly under your name
    • This is your professional identity, Hook the reader!
    • Don’t just list your recent position
    • Use key-words for search engine optimization
  • Summary
    • Write in the first person
    • Add website link, blog link, or links to your other professional sites
    • Upload examples of your work using media (pictures, flyers, video)
  • Experience
    • Describe job duties
    • Include strengths and accomplishments
    • Seek out recommendations for each position
  • Recommendations
    • Best way to get recommendations is to give them!
    • Once you have written for a colleague, you can ask them to return the favor
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Can Your Hotel Benefit from IDS Next’s 360 Degree Product Offering

restaurants-and-clubs-IDS NextFew hotel software providers not just in Sri Lanka and Maldives, but the world over, can boast of a product offering as large and comprehensive as IDS Next software’s. But then, this pioneer in hospitality software has many other achievements to boast of. For example, IDS Next has nearly three decades of expertise developing enterprise class software for the hugely popular hospitality industry.
The company started when software was only just making an entrance, and convincing this ‘people and service’ centric industry to adopt software was a mean task. All of IDS Next’s software is built from the ground up and seamlessly integrated into its Hotel ERP. The FortuneNEXT 6i version of their Hotel software is PA DSS Certified, which means your guest related payment data is absolutely safe and hacker proof.
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How Turkey’s Booming Hotel Industry Can Benefit from Software

Turkey is considered one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. The country has managed to earn this position thanks to its fabulous coastline, awe inspiring natural beauty and distinctive historical archaeological sites. In recent years, Turkey’s tourism and hotel industry have seen several positive trends including growth in the number of tourist arrival and a sharp surge in the number of hotels coming up across the country.
Hotel-360-turkey-idsIndustry Snapshot – Trends and Expectations

The hotel industry in Turkey has been growing due to several favorable factors. According to market experts, hotel demand in this region is increasing not only due to tourism but also due to business and MICE activities. Such positive trends have created an encouraging atmosphere for an increased number of hotel investments. According to Turkey Hotel Market Review, by DTZ Pamir & Soyuer, the country will most likely have around 3500 hotels with a total supply of 370,000 rooms by 2015.The country is also expected to receive 45 million tourists in 2015 and going by recent reports, around 75 hotel constructions are in progress.
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Asian Travelers LOVE Their Mobile Devices – By Nick Baker

Good news for digitally forward-thinking hotels within the Asia-pacific region! Asian travelers, more than those from any other continent, are unwilling to give up their mobile devices whilst on vacation. They book more via mobile devices, share more on social media and love an opportunity to take a good selfie. Keeping these habits in mind will allow you to shape your hotel digital marketing to better suit an Asian market.

Asia Will Not Disconnect


According to a survey from “Disconnect to Reconnect”, Thailand was found to be the country whose travelers are the most addicted to their technology. An impressive 85% said that they would not be willing to give up their mobile devices while traveling.

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Ensure Smarter, Faster, Stronger Front Office Operations at Your Hotel

IDS-Next-Front-Office-Management-SystemFront Office, often referred to as Front Desk is one of the most important area of operation in a hotel. Described as the face of the hotel, front office plays a major role as the first and last point of contact with guests. The Front Desk thus has the potential to create a positive impression about a hotel’s level of services, standard and offerings.

Front Office the Heart of a Hotel

The role of the Front Office department starts as soon as a guest makes a reservation enquiry. After this enquiry, the front office sends a confirmation mail, call or SMS to the guest. Upon arrival, the front office ensures an easy check-in and assigns a room to the guest.

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Software for Nepal’s Growing Hotel Industry

front-office-management-idsWhen we write about the Asian tourism landscape, Nepal must hold special mention. A tiny, attractive country nestled in the Himalayas; Nepal is abundant in natural beauty. It has a rich cultural heritage and is a haven for outdoor activities like mountaineering, trekking, rafting, kayaking, jungle safari, paragliding, pilgrimage and many more. Nepal has been able to attract a large number of tourists, pilgrims and investment in the hotel sector which continues to grow.  Read More

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