Smart Social Interaction for your Hotel with Online Reputation Management

In the hospitality industry, your online reputation is everything, more so as it can directly impact your hotels occupancy. Medallia, a customer experience management firm claims, hotel properties that actively engage with social media reviews grow occupancy at double the rate of properties that don’t. To be more precise, hotels that respond to over 50 percent of reviews written on social media platforms witness a rise of 6.4 percent in their occupancy compared to those hotel that ignore reviews.

Know your potential guest

IDS Next_ORMIn 2015, India is slated to have around 118 million active social media accounts, of these 8.4 million travelers are likely to book their hotel rooms via online platforms. A majority of them will rely on guest reviews written across social media and review sites. If prospective guests find negative feedback on your property during their pre-travel research, they are very unlikely to book into your hotel. Rather, they would consider booking their stay at a hotel which has garnered positive guest reviews.

Practically speaking, manually managing social media and review sites is a tough task as hotel staff has several critical tasks to perform. So, how is online reputation managed?

A tried and tested, reputed online reputation management software could be your answer. Read More

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Why Choose Hotel Software from IDS Next

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Hotels, resorts and other hospitality properties undertake numerous complex and diversified operations as part of their day to day activity. All these tasks need to be executed in a synchronized manner to ensure better productivity at the hotel. Ensuring that operations across departments are running in a coordinated manner necessitates a smart and robust Hotel Property Management System (PMS).



IDS Next’s Hotel ERP is one of the best hotel software available globally. Over 3500 hotels in 40 countries use its Hotel ERP. Let us hear it from Mr. Kamatchi Nathan, Regional Sales Manager, South about why hoteliers should adopt IDS Next’s hotel management software to ensure smooth hotel operations.

You might be already using a property management system (PMS) but is that an all-in-one integrated hotel ERP? IDS Next enterprise class solution consists of 12 modules seamlessly integrated so that there is a single look and feel across the hotel departments. Since the software runs on a single database, data is also shared across departments. Making your hotel ERP more robust is a large number of software and hardware interfaces to a host of third party solutions. Read More

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The Ultimate Property Management Software for Small and Budget Hotels – PAX

If you are a small and budget hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, serviced apartment or gated community and looking for a good yet cost-effective hotel management software, PAX will definitely meet your needs and will surely exceed your expectations. PAX is designed to manage your limited operations in the most affordable and user-friendly way. This software has been developed by IDS Next, pioneer with nearly three decades of expertise in software development. PAX, the property management system for small hotels has all the necessary features to enable

WebAt IDS Next, we understand that budget hotels desire to stay low on manpower costs, have limited software requirements, need to generate reports quickly and simply. “This is where PAX, small budget hotel software plays a decisive role. We are trying to help hoteliers in the sub two star hospitality segment optimize on their resources by leveraging a software tailored for their specific needs.” says Mr. Ronnie Sarkar, Senior Vice President – Sales & Operations at IDS Next. Read More

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Is Your Hotel Management System Delivering on Reports

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One of the key aspects of a hotel ERP is to store data. This data generates the many reports required by the management. Hotel management system reports are important in that they offer much needed intelligence and facilitate precise decision-making.

An enterprise class solution like an ERP has a large number of modules and each of these modules stores an expanding quantity of information.

IDS Next ImageIDS Next Hotel ERP has 12 modules, with a number of other solutions plugged into it. IDS Next’s enterprise class hotel software has a report engine built into it. A unique aspect of our software offering is the hundreds of hotel management system reports that our users can view, spool and analyze.

Reports in Hotel Management System

While all ERPs come built with a predetermined set of reports, large hotels, especially chains, may have their own report formats that have been developed and adopted over years. Thus hoteliers are most often looking for a smart hotel ERP that lets them customize and generate as many reports as they wish. Read More

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All You Wanted to Know About Hotel Night Audit

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Hospitality properties close each day’s business with a ‘hotel night audit’. This ‘day end process’ covers the change-over from one business day to the next. The hotel night audit process starts with verification of all critical information which has happened across the day and proceeds for collation and grouping of that day’s transactions ending with generating crucial business reports and Management Information System (MIS) information of the concluding business day.

Why is a hotel night audit important for operations?

Abhijit-IDS Next-Sr Product Specialist-TSCNight audit process is mandatory for a hotel operation, as it is part of the accounting section of the hotel. In a 24/7 business environment, guests check-in and check out at all hours and pay their bills either through cash, cards or other ways of settlements. At the end of the business day, hotels need to ensure that guest folios and their transactions are properly recorded and reconciled. The night audit process performs tasks of collating revenue against various revenue heads including collections and posting transactions.

In a nutshell, completion of night audit for a business accounting day will also have a check and balance in closing the accounting for that day and debarring any one from updating the information of previous day so that sales and collections are not altered. Read More

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Smart Hospitality Technology Solutions for Restaurants in India

Technology has impacted the restaurant industry in many ways. In their quest to deliver high quality service, seamlessly manage operations, curb wastage, grow revenue, enhance loyalty and optimize use of manpower, restaurants are increasingly turning to robust, feature rich software.

Technology can become a part of the Indian restaurant growth story

IDS Next ImageIn India, the restaurant industry is growing at a remarkable rate of 17.5 percent since 2013. Research estimates that the industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 10.9 percent from 2013 to 2018, thus offering an opportunity for more restaurant brands to make their way into the country. These growth indicators are being propelled forward by the increase in disposable income and changing food habit among domestic diners.

Operational challenges that can be addressed with technology

The food industry is a people centric industry and though it requires a strong personal touch, this can also be the cause of errors and dissatisfaction among customers. It is here that some of the operational challenges can be addressed by technology. For example, by streamlining dining operations, introducing e-menu options, avoiding manual billing process, automating tracking of sales and inventory. Additionally, restaurants also have to ensure that they have the right technology platform that enables them to increase their manpower efficiency to serve their patrons better. Read More

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IDS Next Partners with Pine Labs to Integrate a Payment Solution into Your Hotel ERP

Travel is burgeoning, be it for leisure or business, but travelers rarely pay with cash and prefer using their credit and debit card while on the move. Thus settling the bill at checkout, purchases during the travel, food and all paid for by card.

IDS Next Pine LabsTo help our growing customer base simplify payment acceptance, pine-labs-payment-solution-hote-erpIDS Next has partnered with Pine Labs. This partnership enables IDS Next hotel software users to integrate Pine Lab’s point of sale (PoS) payment solution into their FortuneNEXT 6i Suite of Hotel ERP.

“This integrated solution from IDS Next and Pine Labs empowers a hotel to have an effective payment processing system to receive payments. It enables hotels to focus on providing efficient service with user-friendly software, packed with range of value added services to enable higher productivity and greater profitability,” says Mr. Jacob KI, Vice President – Business Development at IDS Next. Read More

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