Integrated 360 Degree Hospitality Solution Vendor in Sri Lanka

ids_next_srilanka_blog_image_smallSri Lanka is famous for its pristine beaches, romantic landscapes, lush green forest and many natural splendors. This tiny island nation’s warm hospitality has its own charm that attracts tourists from around the globe. As the country is a globally renowned tourism destination, it also has become a choicest spot for hotel development. In order to make smart business while beating the competition, hotels should adopt smart hospitality technology solutions. And for this, they need to look for a 360 degree hospitality solution vendor in Sri Lanka.

In today’s highly competitive and complex hotel business environment, a hotel’s technological needs do not end with adoption of hotel software or hotel property management software. Implementation of a smart Hotel PMS System is a must in order to automate operations across various hotel departments. But, today’s smart hotelier expects more from the software. Apart from streamlining daily operations, a new age integrated hotel software should help hoteliers in many other things including attracting guests to boost occupancy and revenues. This has led IDS Next to offer a smart 360 degree hospitality solution to hotels across Sri Lanka. Read More

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Smart Hospitality Software in Rajasthan to Improve Guest Experience

ids_next_rajasthan_image_smallRajasthan is a leading tourism destination in the country. Its magnificent tradition, colorful and vibrant ethnicity are special attractions for both, domestic and foreign tourists.The state’s exotic tourism products including old era forts and foods offer enormous potential of growth to the hotel industry. Rajasthan is a prominent leisure destination and that’s why hotels across the state need to offer top class experience to their patrons. In order to offer truly Rajasthani hospitality to their guests, hoteliers need to adopt smart hospitality software in Rajasthan.

The state of tourism and hotel industry

Large numbers of domestic and international tourists visit Rajasthan every year. The state expects a huge growth in tourist arrival in coming years. The state estimates that the foreign tourists’ number will go up to 2.5 million by 2018 from the current 1.5 million. Similarly, domestic tourists number is anticipated to grow from 33 million to 50 million by 2018. Read More

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Looking for Globally Reliable Hotel Property Management Software Vendor in Goa

ids_next_goa_image_smallGoa has everything in abundance to attract tourists from all over the world. Tourism is thriving and it also has a very positive impact on the hotel industry. Due to Goa’s reputation as a globally acknowledged tourist destination, the state has become a favorite spot for many global hotel brands. They look at Goa as a hot-spot to come up with luxury and upscale properties to serve today’s growing number travelers. At the same time, they also need to make sure that they have the right technology platform to do smart business in the long run. Hoteliers should look for a reliable hotel property management software vendor in Goa in order to meet all their technological needs.

According to Goa’s tourism department, the state had a total of 63 star category hotels with 5362 rooms by September, 2014. A recent HVS Research says that, the state will have around 2291 more star category hotel rooms by 2018/2019. Read More

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Does Your Technology Partner Help You Leverage the Hotel Software to the Maximum Level?

ids_next_ceg_blog_imageFor hotels across size, segment, location and offerings, finding a hotel software is a not a difficult task. The market today is inundated with several hospitality technology providers and each one of them claims to offer the best in the class software. But, as an hotelier, how will you make sure that your technology partner or hotel software vendor is going to help you leverage the software to the most advantageous level? After all, you would want the hotel management software to deliver most business critical flexibility at all levels of your hotel operations.

Review IDS Next’s Unmatched Customer Engagement

At IDS Next, excellent customer engagement matters a lot to us. We understand that fruitful engagement creates happy customer who are most likely to stay with the company. They even become your top brand ambassadors. That’s why; we have been serving our 4000 plus hotel management software users through our Customer Engagement Group (CEG). Read More

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Looking for a Reputed Hotel Software Provider in Thailand

IDS_Next_Thailand_Blog_Image_SmallThailand’s contribution towards Southeast Asia’s thriving tourism is certainly quite encouraging. The country is a famed tourism destination for leisure travelers from across the globe. The heavy tourist influx has provided the much needed platform for the hotel industry to grow over last couple of years and the future looks promising, too. However, for hoteliers across Thailand, it could be a quite a task to sustain in the long run without adopting a proper hotel management software. Hence, it is advisable for them to look for a reputed hotel software provider in Thailand.

The growth of hotel industry in Thailand

Thailand’s prosperous hotel industry is centered on key tourism destinations including Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. According to Jones Lang LaSalle, around 1,103 hotel rooms where added in Bangkok in 2014. The city is expected to add 4,000 more hotel rooms to its existing inventory in 2015. Additionally, Bangkok will have around 3,700 more rooms between 2016 to 2018. Read More

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Hotel software companies in Saudi Arabia

IDSNext_Saudi Arabia_Blog_Image_SmallThe future of Saudi Arabian tourism and hotel industry looks good. Reason – the kingdom is doing well in both religious and business tourism. Mecca and Medina, two holy cities attract religious travelers. At the same time Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar are known as prominent commercial destinations and attract a major portion of business travelers.

As the number of tourists visiting the country grows year on year, Saudi Arabia has also become a favorite destination for hotel construction. All prominent cities in the country are witnessing a large number of hotel constructions. Read More

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World-Class Integrated Hotel Software Provider in Egypt

IDS Next_Africa_Egypt Mailer Image_SmallEgypt has a high contribution to Africa’s tourism industry. This North-East African nation is world famous for its ancient civilization and several eminent monuments. Egypt draws a significant amount of tourists from around the globe. This has also led to an increase in the number of hotels in the country. As the hotel industry is set to grow, hoteliers should connect with hotel software providers in Egypt to ensure successful hotel operations that are designed to serve guests and ensure high occupancy.

Tourism and Hotel industry in Egypt

Destinations like Egyptian Museum, archaeological sites in Abu Simbel, Valley of Kings near Luxor, Pyramids of Giza and Red Sea Reef are some of the best known tourist attractions in Egypt. In 2014, around 9.9 million tourists visited the country and moderate growth is expected in 2015 and coming year. Read More

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