FortuneNEXT 6i R&B: The Complete Software for Your Restaurant Business

PrintInformation Technology has an overwhelming impact on hospitality business and restaurants are adopting various software solutions to effectively manage their operations and serve diners better.

Importance of Restaurant Management Solution

Restaurant management may vary across multiple management styles, but the only common goal they have is to effectively and efficiently run the restaurant while serving guests better to realize maximum profit. It’s a fact that a restaurant’s profitability either rises or falls depending on how well it is being managed. Considering various deficiencies of manual management, we can say that managing a restaurant manually can only lead to confusion and ultimately increases the chances of revenue pilferage and leakage. Read More

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Previous Ethiopia Hotel Industry Prepares for a Growth Spurt

Grow Hotel Revenue With IDS Next SoftwareLandlocked Ethiopia is rapidly shedding the vestiges of its morbid past and coming into its own as a prominent tourist destination in the African continent.

Facilitating the move is the Ethiopian government which is investing in the construction of roads, railways and airports to improve access to tourism sites. Also being given out are duty free privileges and incentives to encourage the private sector to construct and operate hotels, resorts and recreation facilities. Besides agriculture the government is seriously looking at tourism to play a crucial role in generating foreign exchange and jobs.

Unlike some of its neighbors, namely Kenya and Tanzania, Ethiopia has been experiencing a relatively peaceful phase and its attractiveness as an upcoming tourism destination can be noted by the increasing number of tourist entering the country. Read More

By: Rajesh P Yadav

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Tourism Arrivals Increasing in Sri Lanka

Hotel_management_in_sri_lankaThe tourism industry in Sri Lanka is looking sunny. According to a recent study by HVS, a prominent hospitality research organization, approximately 1.1 million visitors have been into the country till September 2014. International arrivals to Sri Lanka were an impressive 22% up from the same period in 2013. The increased number of tourist was from regions like Eastern Europe, the Middle East and countries like China.

The single largest growing feeder market during this period was Indonesia. Tourists from this country increased almost 500% from 2,900 to 17,300 arrivals. With a target of 2 million international arrivals in 2015 and 2.5 million in 2016, Sri Lanka is slated to become one of the region’s premier tourist and leisure destinations. In response to the increasing demand of quality accommodation on the island nation, many international hotel brands are expected to enter the market in next few years. Read More

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Millennials choose to share, divvy costs

Flat screen TVs, bikes and mopeds are items that many college students may consider essential, but they may not fall in a typical college student’s price range.

And businesses haven’t shied away from the challenge of finding a way for young consumers to share the costs of or share the possessions they already own.

Driven by the emergence of a sharing economy and the idea of collaborative consumption, businesses like ride- and product-sharing apps are sprouting up across the nation. This industry targets tech-savvy urban millennials and cash-strapped college students who business owners say take advantage of the services to consume less and save money. Read More

By: Christopher Aadland

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Ensure Your Hotel Software is Functioning Smoothly at All Times with AMC

Renew AMC bannerBeing a 24/7 guest facing industry, hotels need to have their software up and smoothly functioning at all times or risk inconveniencing their guest. Thus, timely maintenance is a vital aspect in the life cycle of hotel software.

As a leading software provider IDS Next understands this requirement and offers an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to ensure our software users are functioning at optimal capacity.

IDS Next’s AMC is a smart choice for hotels who are using IDS Next’s robust Hotel ERPs including FortuneNEXT 6i Enterprise, FortuneNEXT 6i Professional, FortuneNEXT 6i Express, FortuneNEXT 6i Genie and FortuneNEXT 6i R&B. Once you sign up for the AMC, depending on the product you use, your hotel or restaurant gets several benefits including periodic site visits to your hotel by our engineers. Apart from helping you optimize software usage, our AMC engineers also provide your staff with tips for improvement of software performance. They also appraise your personnel on various drill down features that enable you to extract more detailed reports, customize reports to your needs and collect more data on guest. Read More

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Wow Diners & Grow Your Restaurant Business with an e-Menu App

Wow-DinerRapid development in restaurant technology has played a decisive role in changing customers’ dining experience. Technology is becoming an important strategic asset for restaurants to improve services and maintain competitiveness in the market.

Restaurants are also experiencing the positive impact of several hospitality technology solutions in many ways. Today, they are not only adopting restaurant management software to automate their operations, but also looking forward to newer technology enabled solutions to take guest services to new heights. Read More

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Wow Your Diners With Envy Dine

IDS Next’s Envy Dine is the newest e-menu app for restaurants. This app helps your steward to take order from your guest and send the KOT directly to the kitchen without moving away from the guest table. This is also a great app that efficiently helps you to enhance your guest satisfaction. Take a look at our latest illustration on Envy Dine:

Envy Dine Illustration


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